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(R.I.P Dan 'Boomer' Girolomo)
In this video, Dan Girolomo, Gold Director Elite with Karatbars International is interviewed by Gary Franchi of Next News Network. Dan Giromo is an expert on precious metals and the history of paper currencies.

Find out how the real value of gold compares to the dollar and why your paper dollars will be worth less tomorrow than they are today due to the ravages of inflation.

Paper dollars are not real money, gold is real money. Paper dollars are just poor substitute for real gold money.

There's a way to get back to real gold money as a preservation of the value of your labor and how you get compensated for it.

Also discussed is the that the stock market is on the verge of a "super bubble".

Girolmo answers the question "Can gold ever lose it's value?".

The price of gold is being manipulated by "paper gold" like gold stocks and ETFs but physical gold always holds it's value and the buying power of gold has never changed.

In this video you will find out how you can start your own "gold backed" savings account by exchanging your paper dollars for real gold money.

Karatbars International has created a powerful new gold product idea called the "Karatbar" which is a one gram gold bar currency card of pure 24 karat gold purity.

The Karatbars International concept is simple. Exchange your paper dollars which are deflating in value for real gold money Karatbar currency cards which are affordable and never lose value.

Karatbars has a revolutionary idea as gold as money and wealth protection but NOT gold as a speculative commodity or investment for trading.

In this video Dan Girolmo describes and demonstrates the Karatbar one gram gold bar card and how the way it is packaged is actually it's "certificate of authenticity" and proof of weight and gold purity which is why Karatbar cards can be a global gold currency and new international form of exchange.

And he tells about the vision of Karatbars "K-Exchange Centers" where retail businesses all around the world and the U.S. are starting to accept these gold money currency cards as a form of payment in business transactions.

Discover how you can protect your wealth and prosper by becoming a Karatbars International Affiliate Partner and telling others about this amazing new global gold money phenomenon.


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